Hot water disinfections device




              PHD series Heat disinfections device

                     1. Advantages: 85℃hot water disinfections to prevent bio-film growth in pipe line。

                           2. Composition: Water heating device、hot water reservoir、temp. control、electric control

And hot water circulation pump

                   3. Pipe line material : High temp. resistance pipes such as stainless steel,CPVC or PEX




                4. Features

                     * Hot water disinfection device comply with RO system for easy disinfections the pipe line in dialysis

                             room  on every day。

                    * Hot water disinfections: Temp. pre-set at 85℃,on line monitor,return water temp. up to 80℃。

                    * On line monitor temp. return water lower than 80℃,automatic heater power on 。

                  5. Hot water disinfections specification:

                    * Automatic water heating up reservoir ( temp. pre-setting )

                    * Stainless steel hot water tank,with 300 mesh surface polished

                    * 250 liters hot water tank

                    * 220/380V,50/60Hz 9 kW Heater

                    * Stainless steel circulation pump

                    * Digital temp. monitor with temp. setting and control

                    * Digital temp. monitor at return water end





Flow diagram of Heat disinfections RO system

RO membrane heat disinfections Dialysis room pipes heat disinfections

型號: PHD-150~1000

PHD-150-POD (150L ) PHD-150 ( 150 L )

PHD-200-POD (200L ) PHD-250 ( 250 L )

PHD-300-POD (300L ) PHD-150 ~1000 ( 150~1000 L )

PHD operation panel

PHD operation panel (81.4℃)