Movable MRO-03P for single dialysis machine


Movable MRO-03P for single dialysis machine

 RO water product ≧ 125 LPH

Invert  type RO pump for low noise operation

Pre-set timer mode to comply with Dialysis machine disinfections process

Auto disinfections device to perform pipe line disinfections before dialysis on line

Optional: Built in booster pump to solve  low pressure inlet water ≦1 kg/cm2

Standard type PLC control type POD monitor type

MRO-03P flow diagram




        1.  Place for use

          Dialysis in icu or somewhere for single Dialysis machine 

        2.  RO membrane   

            T F C - 4021

         3.  Product water 

           125 Liters /Hr. at 25   

        4.  RO water supply 

            Directed supply to Dialysis machine

        5.  RO pre-filters 

             5 μm filter + softening resin cartridge + Carbon filter 

        6.  Bacterial killing device

             UV lamp  / 0.2 µm filter

        7.  Auto-disinfections device

Built in ClO2 auto disinfections before dialysis process on line

        8.  Monitor and meters

             TDS meter / pressure gauge / flow meter

        9.  Moving cabinet

             4 wheel with brake

        10. Push on handle

            Stainless steel handles 

        11. RO water outlet

              RO inlet and Pure water outlet :connect with stainless steel snap valves  

        12. By-pass valve

             built in RO by-pass valve

        13.  RO invert boost pump

              invert type 1/2HP motor + pump head 

        14.  Operation mode

        machine on/off s/w,timer s/w, auto disinfection s/w    

        15.  Power supply   

             Single phase,110/ 220 V50 / 60Hz

        16. Dimension ( W x D x H )

              600  ×  480  ×  940 mm

        17. Weight

              78 Kg