RO-HF60,hot water disinfections RO system

                                    RO-HF60,hot water disinfections RO system                     

RO water product 6,000 LPH,at 25℃

For 100 beds dialysis machine ,max. for 140 beds applications

Suitable for raw water quality TDS1,000 mg/L

RO pre-filter RO purification Unit + hot water disinfections tank

  RO-HF60 RO system specifications

Items Model


     Raw water booster pumps CM10-2 x 2     2 Stainless steel pumps will alternative change operation
     Multi-medias filter: SAFM-60     FRP Tank-3072,medias 450Liters,auto-back wash control valve
     Water softener: RF-60     FRP Tank-3072,medias 450Liters,auto-regeneration control valve
     Carbon filter : SAFC-60     FRP Tank-3072,medias 450Liters,auto-back wash control valve
     5 μm cartridge filter ST-F40    5μm,40" cartridge x 5 pieces,stainless steel housing
     RO purification Unit


1. RO membrane : TFC-8040 x 6 pieces

2. RO pump: CRI10-12Stainless steel pump

3. Vessel : Stainless steel #304 x 6 pieces

4. RO water product 6,000 LPHat 25℃

5. Recover rate  50%

    Hot water disinfections device PHD-400

1. Hot water tank made of stainless steel#304

2. Water heating up heater: 9 kW,220/380V

3. Temp. digital display meter with temp. control and pre-setting mode

4. Water temp. 85℃ for disinfections

5. Hot water tank with level s/w,MLHL

6. Temp. on line monitor and control  for disinfections

7. Circulation pump - stainless steel #304


            RO-HF60,Hot water disinfections flow chart

RO-HF60,RO system function descriptions

  No. of dialyzer

100~140 beds of dialysis machine

   1. RO water product    RO product  6,000 LPHat 25℃ , recovery rate ≧  50 %
   2. RO water quality

RO membrane TFC- 8040 , high permeate  , high rejection rate ≧ 99% ( single element )

RO water quality comply with AAMI  standard

   3. Ro water supply    RO water directed supply to dialyzer with constant pressure and flow rate
   4. Piping material    RO system with SCH-80 PVC pipes connect,and pipe line to dialyzer with CPVC or PEX pipes
   5. Power control panel    PLC control panel or optional of POD for monitor alarm and remote control

6. RO system disinfections

Hot water disinfections mode for:

   1. RO membrane disinfections mode  2. Pipe line disinfections mode      

7. 2-pass RO system

Tap water TDS 1,000 mg / L,  recommend to choose 2-pass RO system

 RO-HF60,2-pass Hot water disinfections flow chart