Water purification system for hemodialysis

                                       Water purification system for hemodialysis                            

The products had exported to Far-east Asia and East Europe of over 14 countries since 1984

Water purification system for Hemodialysis passed the GMP certificate.

 Water purification system for 8~200 beds Hemodialysis application certificated no002383.

MRO-03P potable single dialysis RO unit certificated no. 002560.

RO systems included : 1-pass RO system,2-pass RO system, Hot disinfections RO system

RO water product : 120 LPH~120,000 LPH

GMP certificate RO systems

450LPH RO system 600LPH RO system 900LPH RO system 1,200LPH RO system 1,500LPH RO system

1,800LPH RO system 2,400LPH RO system 3,000LPH RO system 4,000LPH RO system 5,000LPH RO system

6,000LPH RO system 8,000LPH RO system 10,000LPH RO system 12,000LPH RO system single dialysis MRO

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