10000LPH RO system

                              RO-HF100,RO system for hemodialysis applications               

RO water product 10,000 LPH,at 25℃

For 170 beds dialysis machine ,max. for 200 beds applications

Suitable for raw water quality TDS1,000 mg/L

RO pre-filter RO purification Unit Post RO stage


  RO-HF100 RO system specifications

Items Model


     Raw water booster pumps CM15-2 x 2     2 Stainless steel pumps will alternative change operation
     Multi-medias filter SAFM-70     FRP Tank-3072,medias 650Liters,auto-back wash control valve
     Water softener RF-70     FRP Tank-3072,medias 650Liters,auto-regeneration control valve
     Carbon filter SAFC-70     FRP Tank-3072,medias 650Liters,auto-back wash control valve
     5 μm cartridge filter ST-F30 x 2    5μm,30" cartridge x 5pieces x 2,Stainless steel housing
     RO purification Unit


1. RO membrane : TFC-8040 x 10 pieces

2. RO pump: CRI15-9Stainless steel pump

3. Vessel : Stainless steel #304 x 5 pieces

4. RO water product   10,000 LPHat 25℃

5. Recover rate  50%

     Stainless steel storage tank ST-2000 x 2

1. Water volume : 4000 Liters, surface with 300 meshes polished

2. Man hole opening , 0.2μm air filter, water level gauge

3. HLMLLLLLL 4  stages level switch

     circulation pumps CM3-4 x 2    2 Stainless steel pump,one more circulation loops
     UV lamp UV-R12     2 pieces of 36"UV lamps , UV dosage :30000μs.w/cm2
     U/F element

UF-R4040  or


Spiral wound membrane,  material : PVDF

Hollow fiber membrane,  material : Polysulfone

     UV lamp

UV-R06    2 pieces of 14"UV lamps, UV dosage :30000μs.w/cm2 ,

     0.2μm bacterial filter


   20" x 0.2μm cartridge
     Ozone disinfection device


  Auto distribution pipe disinfection at mid-night ( option )


            RO-HF100,RO system flow chart

RO-HF100,RO system function descriptions

  No. of dialyzer

170~200 beds of dialysis machine

   1. RO water product    RO product 10,000 LPHat 25℃ , recovery rate ≧  50 %
   2. RO water quality

RO membrane TFC- 8040 , high permeate  , high rejection rate ≧ 99% ( single element )

RO water quality comply with AAMI  standard

   3. Anti-bacterial growth


1. RO water go through 253.7 nm UV lamp radiation, UV dosage ≧  30,000μw.s/cm2

2. After UV radiation the death body of bacterial then through  U/F element drain end flush out

  Thus RO water become bacterial free and safety feed to dializer

3. RO water go back to storage tank through UV lamp radiation and 0.2μm filter to prevent reverse

   contamination from return side。

4. There are optional of auto OZONE sterilizer perform disinfections at mid-night

   4. Ro water circulation

Ro water storage in a stainless steel tank and circulation pump delivery RO water to dializer

It can be one circulation loop,or 2 loops on optional。

   5. Piping material

The piping material are : SCH-80 PVC or Clean PVC

The outlet to dialysis machine : stainless steel 1/2 ”valve with snap connection adaptor

   6. Power control panel

   Power operation panel with PLC control auto operation,and option of POD monitoring 

    control ,including alarm remote monitor and controlprinting ...etc

7. RO system disinfections


The disinfections including RO membrane and the pipe line to dialyzer ,there are 2 methods:

   1. Hot water disinfections

   2. Chemical agent disinfections   

8.  2-pass RO system

Tap water TDS 1,000 mg / L,  recommend to choose 2-pass RO system

RO-HF100,2-pass RO system flow chart